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An Introduction to StraightLine By CEO Tom Filippini

The Genesis of StraightLine

Creating world-class, extraordinary travel experiences – for myself and others – has been my lifelong passion. The inspiration for StraightLine has its roots in one of my earlier ventures — when I founded Exclusive Resorts, the world’s largest and most respected private travel club, now owned by AOL Founder Steve Case. Many of Exclusive Resorts’ jaw-dropping properties are in the most beautiful — but most remote — parts of the world.

With constricting airline flight schedules, reaching many of these destinations is a real pain.

Commercial flights to remote airports typically involve long layovers, inconvenient flight times and all of the hassles that come along with airline travel these days. Moreover, the airlines — accessing fewer than 400 of the nation’s 19,000 airfields — rarely fly into the closest airport, so long ground commutes are the norm.

Those that have access to private aircraft are able to bypass the enormous hassle of flying commercial, set their own flight schedule and fly directly to the nearest airport. 

Yet traditional private aviation programs were exhorbitantly expensive. 

Out of a desire to better understand why there was such an enormous gap between private and commercial pricing, I dug into the industry and studied every business model out there. What I learned was that there was a tremendous opportunity to craft a new model that would make private aviation more accessible to more people than ever before. 

My learnings eventually led to the creation of StraightLine Private Air which is now among the fastest growing private aviation companies in the world. We pride ourselves on offering the most personalized service, greatest flexibility, and broadest aircraft access, at the lowest cost in the industry. 


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