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StraightLine in the News

FORBES | The Hottest Private Aviation Trends, From New Aircraft To New Ways To Access Private Jets

February 14, 2018
“The major trend we’re seeing is a desire for consumers, whether that’s business or leisure travelers, to figure out how to add more time to their lives. StraightLine has observed a shift from treating private aviation purely as a luxury to treating it as a tool or utility that makes leisure and business travel run infinitely more smoothly.” Read Full Article >>

PRIVATE JET CARD COMPARISONS | 2018 Analysis Of Over 250 Leading Private Jet Card Membership Programs

January 23, 2018
“While business aviation has had a difficult recovery since the Great Recession, the number of companies selling jet cards has more than doubled,” said Doug Gollan, founder and editor-in-chief of Private Jet Card Comparisons.” Read Full Article >>

FORBES | The 10 Biggest Private Jet Card Membership Stories Of 2017


January 2, 2018
“Destination club entrepreneur Tom Filipinni saw the same hole as Dichter the Jet Card market and has roared through it with StraightLine Private Air. Over half of its flights are on turboprop and piston aircraft, driving hourly rates for his members who need short hop solutions to under $2,000 per hour. Who will be next?” Read Full Article >>

PRIVATE JET CARD COMPARISONS | JET CARD INSIDER: StraightLine Private Air Is Focused On Short Hops And Small Aircraft At Rates Starting Under $2,000 Per Hour

July 14, 2017StraightLine Private Air, the brainchild of Exclusive Resorts founder Tom Filippini, in June became the private aviation provider for Exclusive Resorts. There was no formal announcement, but Filippini tells Private Jet Card Comparisons members of the residence club get a five percent boost in flight hours, meaning if you join at the $50,000 level, you get $52,500 in your account or $105,000 if you subscribe at the $100,000 level. ” Read Full Article >>

BARRON’S | The Best Private Jet Cards


July 14, 2017
“Holidays and other high-demand periods can wreak havoc on your private jet card plans. Surcharges on hourly rates can be as high as 40%, and users can be stuck with stricter cancellation policies and longer leads times for booking jets. StraightLine Private Air never alters its prices on peak days,” Read Full Article >>

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