StraightLine in the News

The 10 Biggest Private Jet Stories Of The Year


January 2, 2020
“Destination club entrepreneur Tom Filippini saw the same void for efficient aircraft as Dichter with Wheels Up in the jet card market and has roared through it with StraightLine Private Air. Over half of its flights are on turboprop and piston aircraft, driving hourly rates for his members who need short hop solutions to under $2,000 per hour.”

StraightLine Introduces Educational Private Aviation Webinar Series

December 17, 2019
“The private aviation industry is undergoing a major shakeup as new business models attempt to bring the convenience of flying private to more people than ever before. But staying on top of the litany of options can be a daunting task.

This webinar breaks it all down to help you better understand the current landscape and determine which may be a fit for your needs. Enjoy and in-depth exploration of the differences and considerations for charter, jet cards and membership-based aviation programs.” 

StraightLine Private Air teams up with Under Canvas to offer National Parks by private jet journeys

November 14, 2019
“Under Canvas, a growing adventure-hospitality company has joined with StraightLine Private Air to offer a week-long experience exploring the iconic national parks of the West. Leveraging the power and convenience of private aviation, guests will see seven national parks in just 7 days by traveling aboard a private aircraft. Highlights include four Under Canvas glamping resorts – Moab, Yellowstone, Glacier and Zion.”

Here’s Why Your Next Private Jet Flight Might Be On A Turboprop

August 28, 2019
“StraightLine Private Air is the product of Exclusive Resorts founder Tom Filippini and has made smaller aircraft, light and very light jets, turboprops and pistons, the focus of its jet card membership programs. He says, “There is absolutely growing consumer interest in turboprops and piston solutions. Consumers realize that for shorter regional trips, there isn’t much benefit to using a jet. Not only are the turboprops less expensive for these missions, but they frequently offer better payload, more comfortable cabins and can access significantly more airports.”

StraightLine adds Bandon Dunes, Cabot Links and The Prairie Club as preferred partners

July 8, 2019
“StraightLine Private Air, by Exclusive Resorts co-founder Tom Filippini, has added Bandon Dunes, Cabot Links and The Prairie Club as preferred partners for the jet card membership program’s customers. By focusing on single and twin-engine piston aircraft such as the Cirrus SR20 and Beechcraft Baron G58, the King Air 350 and Pilatus PC-12 as well as very light jets such as the Embraer Phenom 100 StraightLine says most members are flying at hourly rates between $800 per hour and $5,000 whereas typical jet card programs typically see price ranges between $4,000 and $18,000 per hour. “

Best Jet Cards for Summer Travel

March 22, 2019
“JetSuite, StraightLine Private Air, and XOJET all have programs for $50,000. Depending on the size and type of aircraft chosen, travelers can get as many as 12 hours of flight time on a jet, which could mean lots of weekends flying privately. Best of all, most programs allow pets and guarantee WiFi so everyone can stay entertained.”

The Best Private Jet Cards

January 14, 2019
“Holidays and other high-demand periods can wreak havoc on your private jet card plans. Surcharges on hourly rates can be as high as 40%, and users can be stuck with stricter cancellation policies and longer leads times for booking jets. StraightLine Private Air never alters its prices on peak days.” 

The Hottest Private Aviation Trends – New Ways To Access Private Jets

December 14, 2018
“The major trend we’re seeing is a desire for consumers, whether that’s business or leisure travelers, to figure out how to add more time to their lives. StraightLine has observed a shift from treating private aviation purely as a luxury to treating it as a tool or utility that makes leisure and business travel run infinitely more smoothly.” 

StraightLine Is Focused On Short Hops At Rates Starting Under $2,000 Per Hour


July 14, 2018
StraightLine Private Air, the brainchild of Exclusive Resorts founder Tom Filippini, in June became the private aviation provider for Exclusive Resorts. There was no formal announcement, but Filippini tells Private Jet Card Comparisons members of the residence club get a five percent boost in flight hours, meaning if you join at the $50,000 level, you get $52,500 in your account or $105,000 if you subscribe at the $100,000 level.”